Property management software and insurance in one

The Safely platform helps to reduce the amount of insurance events, because we deal with the roots of the most common problems. Platform keeps the lease contracts in order, documents the facts and tries to identify risks at the early stages of potentially harmful situations.

These activities and experiences help to avoid problems and hopefully reduce the amount of insurance claims. In any case it’s a win-win.

Insurance issuer is If P&C Insurance AS. Please read the insurance terms, consult an expert if necessary!

How to start?

Create a new lease contract, fill in all the fields and read through the contract clauses. Share the contract with your tenant and reach an agreement. Sign digitally or even print it out, sign on paper and scan. After signing, upload the contract back to the Safely platform.

Insurance coverages

Damage caused by the tenant*

Tenants loss of income (2 months)*

24/7 Home assistance service for emergencies*

The exact terms and conditions of the insurance coverage (incl. restrictions and exclusions) are stated in the insurance terms and conditions. Please read the insurance terms!

Damage caused by the tenant*

The insurance event of this coverage is damage caused intentionally or due to gross negligence by the tenant and/or family members living with him or her.

Insurance threshold for damages is one of the most important components of the price of the insurance. The average cost of a home insurance case at the start of 2021 was 1550 euros, so we have set the limit on double of the average, meaning 3000 euros.

Home help assists in case of an accident at home. Insurance phone 777 1211.

If a pipe or the hose to the washing machine at your house breaks, we will help you cope with the emergency.

If the door lock of your home is not working or if you lose the keys, we will help you change the lock.

If fire or storm damages your home, we will help you avoid any further damage.

If a window or a door breaks, we will help you seal the opening.

If a burglar breaks a door or a window, we will arrange for your home to be guarded until the openings are sealed.

If your home is rendered uninhabitable due to damage, we will arrange for your accommodation and moving.

Tenants loss of income.*

If insurance covers rental cost coverage in an event of tenants unemployment on following events:

The employer terminated the tenant's employment contract for a reason independent of the tenant.

The employer terminated the tenant's employment contract due to the tenant's state of health.

The tenant was released from public service for a reason beyond his control.

The tenant was released from public service due to his health condition.

The tenant terminated the employment contract after the employer's bankruptcy decision took effect.

With rental payment insurance, it is important to note that in order to receive insurance coverage, the tenant is required to submit documents defining the termination of the employment relationship to the insurance company.

In addition, it is important that the lessor is the beneficiary of this insurance cover. The corresponding clause is also included in the text of the lease contract.

With rent deposit or without?

Rental deposit question is a complex one. Insurance allows the landlord to rent without asking for a deposit, but you should definitely consider the pros and cons of this decision.

Benefits of zero deposit:

You have more tenants to choose from, as people might not have the 500-1500 euro saved for deposit.

Which raises the question, do you want a tenant in your apartment who has not been able to save such an amount for the collateral?

The rent deposit is useful to landlord because it gives an idea of the tenants behavioral patterns and financial discipline:

The tenant is probably more responsible because they have been able to collect savings.

When a person has savings, he or she can be less sensitive to any unexpected events and is therefore more stable as a tenant.

People with good discipline avoid debt and especially debt accumulation.

Good tenants get their deposits back from previous rentals - if they did not, then why so?

The rent deposit motivates to keep the living space in good condition, but above all makes the termination of the contract smoother. If there is no deposit money to get back, people are already focusing on the new challenges and this makes cleaning and handing over the previous rental apartment less of a priority.

Our recommendation:

Take 1 month's rent as a deposit and divide the down payments of the sum equally over the first 3 months of the contract.

This way you can combine low initial costs and at the same time get the rent deposit benefits.

Safely insurance gives the landlord the possibility to choose to rent with or without a deposit. The insurance gives a sense of security when signing the contract and if desired, the tenant can pay the deposit all at once or spread it over several months. A good tenant will get your deposit back at the end of the contract and then this amount will surely be of good use for them.

*Read more about the terms of If Insurance

Law of obligations act § 308 says the following regarding the deposit:

(1) A residential lease contract may prescribe that the lessee pays a deposit in the amount of up to three months rent to the lessor in order to secure claims arising from the contract. The lessee may pay the deposit within three months in equal instalments. The first instalment shall be paid after entry into the lease contract.

(2) The deposit shall be kept by the lessor in a credit institution separately from the assets of the lessor and at least at the local average interest rate. The interest belongs to the lessee and increases the deposit.

(3) The lessee may demand repayment of a deposit if the lessor does not inform the lessee of a claim of the lessor against the lessee within two months after expiry of the lease contract.

Lease agreements
Create, share and approve

How to start?

You can start creating a new lease agreement from Safely's front page. A logged in user can start a new lease agreement from their contracts view. All you need to do is fill in the information necessary for the lease agreement, divided into five short steps. After this you will see a lease agreement put together based on your needs. Don't worry, you can easily change all the information you have provided.

How to edit lease agreement?

When You fill a field, it will also get filled in the contract. When clicking on the field in the contract you will be automatically directed to the corresponding field.

Contract. You can edit the information in the contract about different contractual dates, penalties, payment deadlines and add a Delivery Deed.

Property. Enter or edit data about Your property. Safely will save this property for you, so next time you are creating a lease agreement, you don’t have to enter the data again.

Parties. You can enter and edit information about yourself and your tenant.

Lease agreement that is personalized for your needs.

Based on your property and contractual preferences, Safely will put together a contract that covers all your requirements. It is not a blank template anymore, contract terms are modified and added based on your needs. Try it now!


business user benefits on contracts:

Multilanguage parallel contracts

Customizable contract template. You can add, edit and remove paragraphs for your needs

Delivery Deeds

We strongly recommend you to create Delivery Deed for Residental Premises in addition to your lease agreement, to prevent future arguments with the tenant.

You can choose to add one to your Lease Agreement while filling in the information about your contract. Fields in the annex are filled with information saved under your property view. This includes information about rooms, items and furniture, keys and utilities readings.

Share the Lease Agreement with the tenant

The landlord can easily invite the tenant to look over the rental agreement to see if they agree with the terms by sharing the contract with them via email.

The tenant cannot edit any data, but they can approve the contract if they agree with the contract conditions.

Property management

The Safely's goal is to provide everything in one place property management tool for different property types regardless of the amount of properties in the portfolio.

Property management features:

Manage all properties from any device

Tenants and lead management

Reminders based on dates from contracts

Work orders

Utilities reporting

QR Codes for digitization assets and elements

Need help?

Not sure exactly what we're looking for or just want clarification? We'd be happy to chat with you and clear things up for you. Anytime!

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QR Codes for digitization
Everything accessible from mobile

Safely QR technology enables you to bind documents, sites and work orders. Making an anything digitized is simple! We can provide You with QR codes that you can use to bind items and assets with your Safely account.


Generate a new set of QR codes from Your properties view


Scan and bind your QR codes with your assets and items using a mobile device


View your documents, work logs and history on digitized items and assets


Good contractual relationship with your residents is important for stable income. We can provide you all the tools for this, starting from maintenance requesting online to problem solving with history and pictures.

Maintenance is easy if you can:

Track maintenance history by unit or resident

Add photos using a smartphone or tablet

See progress notes and task details in one place

Monitor work order completion

Tenant screening

How to start?

For starting tenant screening and Compatibility test, all you need to know is your potential tenant’s email address.

You can start a Tenant screening from multiple places:

Start it from the dashboard.

Start it from leads view.

How does it work?

After landlord has started tenant screening by sending the tenant screening request:

The Tenant will receive an e-mail from Safely with Landlord’s e-mail information, informing them about the request.

The Tenant will fill a form provided by Safely

When the tenant has filled the form and agreed to share it with the landlord, the landlord can see the results.

Tenant screening results.

Financial info

Solvency score

Fit for property

Fit for contract score

Tenant’s contractual preferences

Mismatches between landlord’s and tenant’s rental preferences

Personal info





Emergency contact


Household description

Public info

Social media accounts

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